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The Nidaan Manifesto

  • Do the best we can for the employees
  • Pull all stops to help doctors excel in serving the humanity
  • Care for each patients as if it is family
  • Find and deploy the best technology that is available
  • Design the easiest to use system that works always

Ethical and Private

Nidaan's business model is NOT based on selling information. We honor and protect to our best ability confidentiality of both doctor and patient data.

Nidaan focuses on streamlining patient and doctor workflows and gets paid when it delivers efficiency and support to both patients and doctors.


Our Story

Nidaan was founded in 2008 because we found that it was very burdensome for many patients to talk to their doctors for follow up care in villages we came from. Many patients deteriorated significantly trying to get to big cities in serious condition. Simple guidance would have saved a lot of suffering and pain. At that time we designed a simple telephone based system that would allow patients to call doctors in an organized and time efficient way for the doctors.

Since then the Nidaan system has evolved into a full fledged doctor’s intelligent personal assistant. This assistant is on the doctor’s phone and allows the doctor to provide full care to the patients and have full visibility to the clinic from anywhere and at anytime. In addition we also provide back office services on as needed basis and have the system design in place that can transparently shift and manage work efficiently. Our system is designed to work for people that do not use the internet, be state of the art to welcome the doctor’s next generation of internet savvy patients and give doctors the power tools to manage their clinic and work in the uncertain hybrid world (brought on by COVID).

We are supported by our investors in Europe and America who are committed to making healthcare available for all.

Our Team

Nidaan team is our most beloved and prize asset. Each person is committed to focus on serving Nidaan's manifesto. We hire people with compassion because we know illness is ruthless and patients deserves the best support from us and the humanity. We empower our employees to help them provide the world’s best care to our doctors.

Dr. Poorva Mangal
Sachin Sharma
Rajendra Patni
Jyoti Jangid
Vikas Sanghi
Dr. Shilpi Pal
Indra Raman Saini
Mangal Singh Meena
Pratiyaksh Jain
Sushma Maurya
Rajni Arora Jain