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Nidaan is a premium facility for a patient to book an appointment with their doctor.

Here are some benefits:

  • The patient can know the schedule and availability of doctors on the app only.
  • Booking an appointment via an app is effective and time-saving.
  • Our system ensures that every call made by the patient is well received.
  • Nidaan`s System is well designed for all kinds of patients, whether they are tech-savvy or elderly patients.
There are two ways in which a patient can book an appointment via Nidaan App
  • Download Nidaan App. Register and log in to it.
  • Go to Book Appointment.
  • Select the Specialty then City and Doctors Name or Access Code.
  • Select the doctor from the result and after clicking on it, you will be able to see the doctor's instructions.
  • Select the preferred date, appointment venue then the appointment type.
  • After entering the patient's details click on book appointment. You will receive a confirmation on your registered mobile number.

Via Doctor`s Admin (Only For VIP Patients)

Nidaan app enables patients to book video consultation appointments from the app only.

Here are some benefits:

  • Video Consultations are safe and cost-effective.
  • Video Consultations can only be a book after advance payment.
  • Nidaan uses only trusted and top quality Video calling tools.
Nidaan App enables doctors to upload prescriptions in patients’ profiles.

Patients can upload the required reports for doctors to go through.

Here are some benefits:

  • Doctors and Patients can access the prescription and medical reports any time and from any where as they are stored in the app under their profile.
  • Our System ensures that the patient`s data is only accessed by their consulting doctor.
  • A link to a digital prescription is also shared to the patient`s number via text message which is valid for 30 days.

Some doctors prefer Prepaid Appointments.

Video Consultation also require prepayments.

Here are some benefits:

  • Maintaining a specific balance grants the Patients to Status Of VIP. VIP Patients can directly call Nidaan customer care and ask them to book an appointment for them.

Downlaod the Nidaan App or open, click on the login or sign up button, fill the credentials or forgot button if you old patient and not have password.

After login "Recharge My wallet" button is there, choose that option fill the amount and accept the T&C you will be redirect to the banking page.

For Web : On Nidaan Website click on Registration option and choose patient registration, fill the required details and you will registered on nidaan and also get registration SMS on mobile.

After Login Log out menu Change password

Our priority to serve you best. but if you can face this issue either you can write us a mail or contact us on 0-14-14-15-66-66 you will get instent reply and solution.

Click on “My Account” and check the details.

Nidaan Medicare is India's first digital consultation and practice management tool, designed to meet the demands of modern doctors. To help you become comfortable with the application, the software has been created differently.

The Nidaan Medicare app is a pack a powerful punch. It brings together all of our product in a single roof. Includes Appointment, Payment request, Call Log, IVR, telephonic consultation and many more.

Consult allows you to connect with your of patients and answer their questions from anywhere.

It also has a simple-to-navigate interface that will delight you with every use.

Click on the link to download the app from Play Store, and this link or App Store.

Or, you can go to Play Store on Click or App Store on Click, search for Nidaan Medicare, and install it the same way you would any other app.

Or you can call 0141-4156638 for queries and registration.

Yes, by installing app, you can avail all products at one place.

With a nominal subscription you can access the entire app.

After registration your get a access code, you just need to share tat code with the patient and when patient calls on 0-14-14-15-66-66 and press your access code, he wil be directly connected with you. (you may charge as well for this consultation)

For registration we need your:

  • Photo
  • Government issued photo ID (Passport/Aadhaar/PAN Card)
  • Their MCI registration number
  • Copy of their medical degre
  • Bank cancel cheque

Firstly, congratulations! How was your experience? We hope everything went well! Your fees will be sent to the provided bank account in the upcoming consultation month with in 1st to 5th.

As per regulatory requirements, all audio and video calls done during an online consultation will be secure and private so Nidaan is not record that type of conversation.

More than 13000 clinics and hospitals have serving.

More than 10000 doctors are a part of the Nidaan network.

Your subscription includes everything. So sit and relax while we take care of your software's regular maintenance for free.

All Nidaan server servers are hosted within Virtual Private Servers inside Amazon Cloud, with multiple data backups and 128 bit SSL security. Hence, your data is only accessible to you. Patient and doctor information is kept entirely confidential and is never shared with a third party.

There are no limitations in consulting with a patient online, according to MCI Nidaan provides a safe and secure environment for doctors to communicate with patients online. It allows patients and doctors to connect at their convenience.

If you feel a physical examination is required to understand the patient's medical situation, you can cancel the appointment. In this situation, the patient will get a full reimbursement.

Patients can book the appointment via Nidaan app or website. or when you book appointment entire booking detail will be shared with patient through SMS.

All admin and doctor login through from the doctor login. On Home page slide the left section and open setting option. Choose which SIM you want to use for upload purpose and allow the all setting. The Sync up has been start, click on the My OPD Dashboard on home page to check the visibility of the calls.

On Home page in App slide the left section and open Sysem setting option. Choose in which time you want to log-out the app. After selecting the never option the app will not be log-out.

After successfully on the sync up you just need to open the Nidaan app in background, if the app is remove from background you just need to open the app again.

In iphone you could not access the Sync-up feature, use Android phone to use this feature.

On header dr can find a button with the name of My patient, you can check the patient list from their. To download that list please mail us

Go to the patient profile for which you want to share or view the prescription or report, click on the patient name or number, directly youcan check all the past work with that patient with all family member details.

For cancellation of number of appointment you can use bulk operation. click on filter button, fill the related details. All the data related to that information available there. choose whoch appointment you want to cancel the appointment then click on the cancel button, Appointment has been cancelled, all patient got an cancellation SMS.

you can pay the subscription amount through NEFT in Nidaan account. Details:

After Login Log out menu Change password

Call Nidaan +91-14-14-15-66-66 from your phone no. (landline/mobile), For registered user the system will automatically recognize their no. And you will directly connect to the doctor and for unregistered patient they have to dial Dr access code as well and follow the voice instruction.

For Web : On Nidaan Website click on Registration option and choose patient registration, fill the required details and you will registered on nidaan and also get registration SMS on mobile.

Call Nidaan +91-14-14-15-66-66 and follow the voice instructions.

Call Nidaan +91-14-14-15-66-66, enter doctor access code and follow the voice instructions.

Call Nidaan +91-14-14-15-66-66, follow the voice instructions, and enter your registered phone no. and password.
For national users:

Login from a landline no. :

Delhi user: 1122222222 and enter your 6 digit password.
Mumbai user: 223333333 and enter your 6 digit password.
Kolkotta user: 3344444444 and enter your 6 digit password.

Login a mobile number :

Enter your mobile no. without 0. For eg.: 98290000XX

* Please note to enter your landline no. with STD code without 0 followed by your landline no.