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Nidaan Services are primarily for follow-up and non life threatening care. If you have a medical emergency please go to a hospital immediately

Patient's FAQs

Nidaan is a premium facility for a patient to talk to a doctor. It is for the follow up calls. Doctors have fixed timings to talk to a patient over phone. Nidaan connects a patient to a doctor as per doctor’s availability over phone. If doctor is not available to talk at the time patient calls up, then Nidaan inform patient about doctor’s next availability.

Here are some benefits:-

For recharge you will have to buy a Nidaan prepaid card from your doctor, which are available in all the denomination e.g. ` 50, ` 100, ` 200, ` 500.

OR you can log on to and recharge your Nidaan account online, where Nidaan has tie-up with all the leading banks. We accept any card like VISA Master/ VISA MASTER MAESTRO CARD / Beam Cash Card / I-Cash Card / Oxicash.

You can any time call Nidaan +91-14-14-15-66-66 for help regarding prepaid card recharge and purchase. We are always there to help in your need.

Call Nidaan at +91-14-14-15-66-66 from your registered phone no. Follow the voice instructions. When it ask you to enter doctor access code, press that no and press # key. You will be connected to your doctor.

Please call our Customer Care no. +91-14-14-15-66-66 for any query you have. Or visit search there for your doctor by name or city.

Once you recharge your account you are able to talk to a doctor. Doctor’s charges are on per min basis. Depending upon the duration of call and doctor’s prevailing rate, amount would be deducted from user’s Nidaan account.

For example:-

Doctor’s charges are Rs. 100 / Minute and patient talks for 2 minute then Rs. 200 will be deducted from patient’s Nidaan account.


Call Nidaan Customer Care at +91-14-14-15-66-66. Please visit our site and search for your doctor. You will see his availability hours.

Call Nidaan Customer Care at +91-14-14-15-66-66 for any queries or complaints.

Yes, as soon as the user Nidaan account balance is not sufficient to make a call to his doctor, he would get an SMS regarding low balance and reminder to recharge on registered phone no.

List of Banks