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Organize doctor’s practice by curing more patients efficiently and effortlessly.

Nidaan's Virtual OPD Service

24 Hours Hotline Service

Unprecedented patient access to the doctor, through an intelligent telephone system. No more patient calls in unplanned odd hours but organized to come when allowed. Patient calls are managed by people who have empathy and care for patients - We call it reverse customer care.


A virtual secretarial service designed ground up for doctors. Never miss a patient and loose revenue. Never make a patient feel left behind again. Doctors who use it win awards for service quality.

Appointment System

An appointment system designed for India. Very personable but makes patients accountable. Fully supported by our world renowned reverse customer service.


Dr. Rama Medhi

General Medicine, Dibrugarh

I am very satisfied with the service your are providing

Dr. Arun Wadhwa

Paediatrician, Delhi

I am using the services of Nidaan since August 2011. My problems of telephonic consultations have been solved (Nidaan ho gaya). I am extremely satisfied with their services and the concept. It has helped me in regulating the incoming phone calls very well. If the Nidaan phone rings then you know it is an emergency and you pick up the phone immediately, whatever you are doing. Patients do not call for routine things at odd hours and do not disturb you in personal time. They keep pen/paper ready and talk briefly. They are also happy that they can contact you anytime anywhere in the world. The acceptance of the system has been very good. Wish the system had started a couple of years ago.

Dr. Sham Bhosale

Paediatrician, Pune

''STATUTORY WARNING Giving FREE Phone access/ phone consultation is injurious to Pediatrician's Health'' Atleast this is what I believe personally. THANKS TO NIDAAN CALL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, I am in good control over incoming patient calls. I am using android apps to block incoming calls not entered in my phone book and directing them via AUTO SMS to nidaan AS TO RECEIVE ONLY GENUINE CONSULTATION CALLS, WITH A POTENTIAL TO GENERATE REVENUE,TOO!! This is high time patients MUST understand and respect doctors private life & value of his time & value of phone consultation. NIDAAN has given us doctors a wonderful platform to implement this. Kudos to the NIDAAN team.

Dr. Susrut Das

Paediatrician, Bhubaneswar

I was disturbed and distressed because of innumerable phone calls, I used to receive. It was impossible to manage calls and distinguish important from unnecessary disturbing calls. I have tried all methods in my capacities but failed both ways-neither could relax nor could help-out genuine distressed parents needing my help. Thanks to one of my senior's referral, I came to Nidaan for help. Nidaan with its marvelous customer care, always ready attitude and truly sincere effort, has made a big difference to my practice. It has given a new meaning and value to a Doctor's telephonic consultation. Now I feel proud to give my Nidaan number to all my patients and they really appreciate this novel and friendly approach in their time of emergencies. I sincerely congratulate and convey my heartfelt gratitude to team Nidaan for the tremendous help they are providing to both Doctors and patients. I am proud to be a part of The Nidaan family.

Dr. Gagan Malhotra

Paediatrician, Delhi

Hello friends! This is Dr.Gagan Malhotra. I am a senior paediatrician. I have been practicing in West Delhi for past 14 years. I am attached as a senior visiting consultant in Jaipur Golden Hospital and another nearby IVF centres. I have been using Nidaan for past 6 months. Somebody introduced it to me. I met Sachin and Vikas from Nidaan team at IAP conference. I am very happy and satisfied. They take all my backup calls. They re-route the calls through proper call centre and it is a very organised setup. All the emergency and hotline services can be handled and you can fix a charge which is flexible according to your consultation you want to fix and suppose when you are out of town you can also increase the charge if you do not want to be disturbed.
We are here for helping the patients but at the same time we also need some privacy and we are there to help them out but it's the professional advice at the end of the day. Initially I was also skeptical as like many people told me that you would lose your patients but I think it is important that you set in some standards for your practice because everything is becoming computerised and you have to adapt to these changes.

Dr. Suketu Shah

Paediatrician, Gandhinagar

I have been using Nidaan for last 2 years and am extremely satisfied with the service. I was fed up with unwanted calls from patients. Nidaan helped me a lot with filtering of unwanted calls. Now patients are also happy that they can contact me anytime in case of emergency. Thanks Nidaan.

Dr. Anita Chandna

Paediatrician, Secunderabad

Hi friends, this is Dr. Anita Chandna. I am practicing Pediatrics in Secunderabad. I am practicing from last 28 years. From last couple of years ago, Nidaan started this service of putting the patients through to the doctors during specified hours and this system is working extremely well because being a paid call there are no unnecessary calls and at the same time the genuine callers are put through. So friends I recommend all of you to take up this system. It's doing extremely well and the customer care support is fantastic.

Dr. Ashwani Jalewa

Laparoscopic Surgeon, Jaipur

This is to certify that I am associated with Nidaan since more than 5 years. I would like to really appreciate the efforts put by 'Nidaan' in creating the concept as well as managing it so efficiently. I have never had a problem in reaching the top officials or call center personnel at even odd hours and whole team is always available for help at all times. I would strongly recommend their service to all those busy doctors who are being harassed by their patients for petty, unreasonable calls. Just go for it. Just leave your worries to Nidaan. This testimonial has been issued out of personal experience and no monetary or other gains received.

Dr. Madhuri Manney

Paediatrician, Secunderabad

Hi I am Dr. Madhuri Manney, I am a pediatrician, I am using the nidaan services past 3 years and I find it very useful.

Dr. Ganpat Sawant

Gynaecologist, Mumbai

Hello! Nidaan patient call management system is a boon to patients as they can get in touch with their consultants. Also consultant can decide about when to reply/answer them without disturbing their personal life. Of course doctor can charge too. Thank you.

Dr. Mahendra Shah

Paediatrician, Ahmedabad

Nidaan is excellent service and the staff is really friendly. It is very easy for the patients to approach me and the patients are getting benefiting and I am getting benefiting as well thank you.

Dr. Sanjeev Tripathi

Clinical Psychologist, Indore

Hello Everyone, I am Dr Sanjeev Tripathi. I am taking Nidaan services very long time and I am too satisfied to use this. My all appointments and follow-up calls taking by Nidaan from last one and half years, I am too satisfied and for further remain I will be using Nidaan services. Thank you

Dr. Narendra Malhotra

Gynaecologist, Agra

Hello doctors, Hello ISAR members who are here at this 21st ISAR conference.
I am here because I plan my practice very nicely with appointments from Nidaan. Nidaan has helped me to change my life of how I practice by giving me an opportunity to reschedule/schedule my patient to get appointment and by telling the whole world what specialist I am.
So, well done Nidaan!
All the best!

Dr. Nirmala Joshi

Paediatrician, Lucknow

Hello, I am Dr. Niramala Joshi, I am practicing since last 24 years. I had came to know Nidaan since last about 5-6 years ago and I am using this system which is very good, it avoids the silly calls from the patients and necessary calls of the patients are coming to me right time and right thing according to my choice. It's very good,very easy to use, I am very very happy with this system.

Dr. Sangeeta Jain

IVF Specialist, Delhi

I am using Nidaan's service from last few months and I find it very comfortable for both patient and doctor. This is a facility by which patient can be in touch with doctor 24 hours and gives mental peace to the patient. Nidaan's support is very good and understand our requirements. They provided whatever we requested for, like number of free calls for patients, if patient calls in emergency and I am not able to attend the call, Nidaan's customer care team connect me with the patient whenever I am available. It's a very good service. Let's hope for the best for this service.

Dr. Yash Bhargava

General Surgeon, Kota

I would like to thank Nidaan for providing excellent following service to patients and enquiry.

Dr. Sangram Biradar

General Medicine, Gulbarga

I am Dr Sangram S Biradar practicing physician in gulbarga , Karnatka from the past 25 years, I am being introduced to nidaan in one of the national conferences since than I am using nidaan or managing about patient appointments system, I feel very comfortable with this appointment system, and also patients because they did not wait for any more long time. Nidaan people team is good. Their quality of service is good. In particular Mr Sachin who's respond immediately to over any queries for appointment maintaining system.

Dr. Kavita Bhargava

Psychologist, Jaipur

Life has become so much easier with Nidaan. I really appreciate the kind of efforts they put in for maintaining my daily routine schedules, my database, my workshops appointments, where the money has to be deposited for the workshops and each day what am I supposed to do. I Mean I plan my day to day life based upon the schedule and appointments which the Nidaan Team is working for me on. Thank you so much Nidaan.

Dr. D Garg

Cardiologist, Jaipur

The facilities which have been provided by Nidaan Healthcare Services to us. The services has benefited us a lot. Neither it waste the time of the patient nor Doctor's time. The services has reduced the mental stress of both the patients and doctors. Now, the patients have fixed time slots so that they can consult accordingly. At last I would say that, Nidaan healthcare services are quite beneficial and we should all use it.

Dr. Vikas Thanvi

Psychiatry, Jaipur

This is Dr. Vikas Thanvi here. I am a Nidaan user. Earlier I use to be a bit in a mess by my littering phone calls, seeing patients they used to do innumerable calls. I started Nidaan many months back. Initial couple of months I was bit sceptical and I was hesitant in giving my numbers. Once I started giving them I found my life becoming easier. More important than that, my patients can access me easily. Whenever I am traveling even when I am abroad they are always connected. They do not feel that docotr is out of touch. I would really appreciate their efforts that Nidaan guys are taking in making your life comfortable, my life comfortable and also for the patients. I think they will go a long way in their field.

Dr. Deepak Rathod

Psychiatry, Mumbai (Kalyan)

I am Dr. Deepak Rathod, Consultant Psychiatrist from Kalyan. I am using Nidaan hotline since last one year. It has been very useful for me. Lot of stress and unnecessary calls from the patients would be avoided and they used our services surely. All the best and I think most of the consultant should utilize the service from Nidaan.

Dr. Mujahid Saleem

Orthopadics and Joint Replacement,Orthopaedician, Jaipur

Hi, I am Dr. Mujahid Saleem. I am Director at NIMS Institute of Bone and Joint Replacement, NIMS University Hospital Jaipur. I am also a senior consultant at Eternal Hospital Jaipur. I am specialized in Joint Replacement Surgery as well as Limb Salvage Surgery for cancer patients. I am very happy with the services Nidaan is providing me. They are managing my patients appointment extremely well. I wish Nidaan Good Luck. Thank you.

Dr. Nikhil Choudhary

Cardiologist, Jaipur

Hello, I am Dr Nikhil Choudhary - Cardiologist in Narayana Multi-specialty Hospital, I have been using personalized Helpline service of Nidaan for last 6 months. The main advantage of the use of this service is that you can avoid calls from patient's directly when you are busy with your personal and family time. stating that you can directly reach to Nidaan Helpline number over the text message. Therefore , it is convenient for both patient and doctors. Patient's Can book their appointment dialing the nidaan Helpline number with out including the doctor in the process simultaneously. I recommended as this is good service.

Dr. Sudhanshu Sharma

Homeopathist, Jaipur

Hello friends!! This is Dr. Sudhanshu Sharma.I am using Nidaan from last 7-8 years.Nidaan's support is very helpful. This is a good Medium for the Doctor and Patient communication. I wish Good Luck to Nidaan. Thank you.

Dr. Ashok Chakravarty

Paediatrician, Delhi

Being available to the ever anxious parents of young-child patients, is the key to a successful solo paediatric practice, but at an enormous cost and inconvenience. My cell-phone would ring day in and day out without an iota of respect to my precious little time for me or my family. And worst, barring a few, majority of the calls were innocuous or at times just silly. The problem got out of proportion with the cell phone being available with almost everyone and the doctor's number saved and is used at the drop of a hat. Then one fine evening, over a CME, I met Dr. Arun Wadhwa, a fellow paediatrician in South Delhi and learnt about NIDAAN. A call to Mr. Vikas changed the concept of my being available. Now my calls are routed thru NIDAAN HOTLINE. Obviously only a genuine problem of the child would prompt the parent to reach me at a reasonable charge decided by me. Besides NIDAAN has a host of other benefits.

Dr. Sarath Gopalan

Gastroenterologist,Paediatrician, Delhi

This is to certify that I have been utilizing the 'NIDAAN' hotline service which is being made available to my patients for the past 2 months. The arrangement of this facility has not only facilitated and streamlined my response to patient related queries but also made my life overall very much easier. This service would benefit both doctor and patient towards a more effective communication and faster response.

Dr. Raj Tilak

Paediatrician, Kanpur

I am very much convinced of the efficiency of medical call services provided by Nidaan. I recommended it to all my fraternity friends & fellow professionals.

Dr. Kalyan Bhattacharya

Paediatrician, Alipurduar

I am using NIDAAN's services for last 3 years (Approx) and found to be very much helpful on the part of me and also on the part of the patient. NIDAAN's staffs are very much helpful and communicating both of doctor & patient reasonably.

Dr. Vineet Gupta

Neurologist,Paediatrician, Delhi

I was facing a major problem in managing my clinic, hospital work and personal life due to number of unnecessary phone calls that I used to receive. Nidaan with its excellent customer care and sincere efforts to help the patients, has made a big difference to me. I sincerely appreciate their efforts for the tremendous help they are providing to doctors and patients.

Dr. Suresh Gupta

Paediatrician, Delhi

I have been using patient telephone calling service Nidaan Pvt. Ltd. for more than 2 years. Services provided by Nidaan are very user friendly and convenient. It has helped me to care for my patients in better way while avoiding my own inconvenience. I wish other doctors should also use similar services for the benefit of the patient and their own convenience.

Dr. Manoj Bhatawdekar

Psychiatry, Mumbai

I have been registered with Nidaan for about a year. I must say that I am fortunate to be associated with a service like Nidaan which is friendly with doctors and patients as well. Patients are happy with the service as they can promptly get in touch with their doctor through Nidaan. Nidaan at times goes out of its way to help patients even if they have not prepaid the service charge. In case the doctor is not immediately contactable Nidaan makes it a point to send a message that a call was missed and connect the doctor to the patient once the doctor is available. This service has reduced the stress of many anxious patients who are in need of urgent telephonic help and also reduce the stress of doctors by ensuring emergency contact with their patients. Nidaan is very prompt in issuing doctor's payments on a regular basis. I wish all the best to Nidaan and hope to continue my association with them in future.

Dr. Tiwary Vinita

Gynaecologist, Muzaffarpur

1. I am very satisfied & happy by using Dr's hotline service Nidaan.
2. I am using the service since past 2 years.
3. Nidaan's reverse customer caring service is very prompt, my patients are very happy.
4. I regularly recommend my doctor friends about Nidaan.
5. Even I was happy when I went abroad , my all patient calls were forwarded to me.

Dr. Satyen Hemrajani

Neonatologist,Paediatrician, Jaipur

I am satisfied with the services of 'Nidaan'. It is a decent service which helps us in maintaining our time schedule and is also convenient for patients. I recommend it for use by all doctors.

Dr. R Chaurasia

Paediatrician, Kanpur

Nidaan is a perfect solution for effective, prolong communication between doctor and patients. At the time of need in a organized manner and more over without any reverberation.

Dr. N Gopal

Neurosurgeon, Allahabad

Nidaan is a good service for the patients and also for the doctors. It is an innovative thing and the service should continue for patient's benefit.

Dr. Vipin Vashishtha

Paediatrician, Bijnor

I found Nidaan a very user friendly utility. Not only for the parents but even doctors also get benefitted and save their precious time. This service is quite handy also for a busy practitioner practicing even in small, remote areas. Please keep this facility operational so that more and more health care professionals get benefitted.

Dr. Vinoo Tibrewala

Paediatrician, Mumbai

I am using Nidaan services. Their service is good and it helps me eliminate unnecessary calls at all odd hours. I have been very comfortable since I started using their services

Dr. Sudip Gupta

Paediatrician, Delhi (Faridabad)

I am able to distinguish between emergency calls and routine calls and carry on my clinic smoothly. Parents, on the other hand, do not complain as they have 24 hour access to their favorite doctor! I have been using Nidaan hotline services for almost 3 years now. It has made a lot of difference in managing telephonic consultations with my patients.