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About Nidaan

Nidaan’s business purpose is to make illness an insignificant blip in life’s long and happy journey by providing a managed system for patient follow up care and communications.

Nidaan uses the most modern communication tools to make patient care seamless. Nidaan ensure’s that doctors valuable time is used to helping patients by doing all of the patient management tasks. This ensures that no patients are left unattended. This results in new and repeats business for the doctors. Doctors who have Nidaan experience 25-50% increase in their number of patient cases.

Nidaan’s intelligent computer system is complemented by a team of dedicated and compassionate patient support individuals. Nidaan really cares that the patients get well soon and have access to the best possible treatment. The system is designed to be very simple and works without needing an app or a website. After all, when a patient is sick, it is too much to ask them to download an application. The simplicity allows it to be accessed by millions of people who live in rural India. It works well even for people that have poor internet connectivity or have limited computer literacy. More..

More technology savvy patients can also access Nidaan using our state of art mobile apps and web interfaces.

Time Tested for a Decade, Used by the Best Doctors










Nidaan covers all specialities







Looking for a Doctor

Benefits to Doctor

Peace of Mind

Doctors are able to ensure that every patients that reaches out to them is handled with care and compassion.


Nidaan's provides hassle-free services to patients as well as growth opportunities to doctors.

Better Follow of Care

Get a back office, team of executives, well equipped technical system which works like a support system to your front office without any maintenance cost.

24 Hours Hotline Service

Unprecedented patient access to the doctor, through an intelligent telephone system. No more patient calls in unplanned odd hours but organized to come when allowed. Patient calls are managed by people who have empathy and care for patients - We call it reverse customer care.


A virtual secretarial service designed ground up for doctors. Never miss a patient and loose revenue. Never make a patient feel left behind again. Doctors who use it win awards for service quality.

Appointment System

An appointment system designed for India. Very personable but makes patients accountable. Fully supported by our world renowned reverse customer service.